New: Online Exchange Office

Recently we offer together with ActiveCrypto an online exchange office. At present the purchase of Bitcoin is possible. In the future, the platform will also offer the purchase and sale of as many other crypto currencies as possible. For the change you only need a German bank account and a wallet for your crypto currency to be changed. The exchange fee is currently 3.9% of the Euro amount to be changed.

Online Exchange


Buy computing power from us to mine crypto currencies. We take care of everything and you get the payouts!


You have your own devices, but you don't have the resources or time to operate them cheaply? We are happy to manage your device for you at one of our locations at reasonable prices.


You are new to crypto and looking for an easy entry into the new and exciting world of crypto currencies? Or have you been involved for some time but want to develop a deep understanding of trading, mining or altcoins? We offer seminars suitable for you!

Exchange Office

Simply change your bitcoins on site or buy your own bitcoins! We also take over the creation of a wallet for you!


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