Hosting for only 11.7 cents (EUR) per kWh

Rent, service, consumables included!

ASICs Hosting:

For your energy consumption we charge 11.7 cents (EUR) per kWh. This also includes rent and service fees. ASIC restart, inspection and possible repairs are free of charge, excluding the possible cost for new hardware. Before we takeover your ASICs for hosting we examine your devices with respect to performance and functionality after which you will receive a status report from Mr. Miner. For this mandatory service we charge a onetime fee of 50€ per ASIC.

Hosting at Mr. Miner Operate devices yourself
Cheap power costs Usually high power costs
No extra fees Additional hardware costs
No extra fees Costs for cooling
Devices operate in data centers. No heat generation at your home Strong heat generation
Devices operate in data centers. No noise at your home Strong Noise
In case of device failure: we handle everything In case of device failure: You need to keep an eye on it and handle it by yourself.

You do not have your own devices? No problem, buy them from us.

Order from Mr. Miner Order by yourself
Mr. Miner receives special conditions from the manufacturer You pay the quotation price
No extra fees Customs clearance costs
No extra fees Shipping costs
Setup, assembling and inspection of the devices by us Own setup and assembling of the devices


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